Announcing Impact Enhancement Grant from Ian Potter Foundation for National Coalition

Since its inception in 2005, over 3000 delegates have attended the Reintegration Puzzle Conference sharing ideas about supports that enable people leaving prison to rebuild their lives. Increasingly there has been a focus on the systemic barriers people face when leaving prison and the need to harness the lived experience of people caught in the cycle of imprisonment in order to drive change.


Delegates at the Sydney workshop 2017

Staff from Deakin have been collaborating with a small group of supporters to undertake early stage work towards development of a unified voice regarding the systemic issues that impact on people when they leave prison across Australia. The aim is to  build a national coalition of interested organisations and individuals in order to document the systemic barriers and advocate for change at the state and territory and federal level. Work undertaken to date has included convening two advocacy workshops at the annual Reintegration Puzzle conference and harnessing existing networks and relationship. (Here’s a link to what was covered at the 2018 Workshop at the Conference: Poster Workshop Making Justice Smarter FINAL 30 May)


Delegates from WA, QLD, NT, Vic and Tas at 2018 workshop


We’re delighted to announce that The Ian Potter Foundation has provided a grant of $25,000 to continue to build the capacity of the emerging national coalition.

Work will commence in early 2019 to strengthen the coalition both at the state and national level with information sharing and learning, identifying and documenting systemic barriers, development of strategies to reduce recidivism and imprisonment rates and coordination of advocacy activities. The third advocacy workshop will be held at the annual Reintegration Puzzle Conference in Darwin, 26-28 June 2019.

There are a number of ways individuals and organisations can get involved and further information will be available in February. In the meantime, please contact the coordinator, Michelle McDonnell at or 03 9246 8321 if you would like further information about the coalition.